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- - By schwing [us] Date 2009-04-14 12:46 PM
holy crap this airline is chaotic :O
I'm flying a one stop route, and I got to the airport maybe two hours early. I accidentally brought my toiletry case and I dont wanna thow away all my toothpaste and shampoo sos I pay for a checked bag. The counter was closed and there was nobody to check my bag :|
sos yea thats not so bad. I throw away all my shampoo and toothpaste etc, and the $15 check bag fee and proceed through security to the terminal. I thought maybe I'd get my money back on that bag fee. meanwhile the airtran staff at the terminal are trying to clam down weary and agitated looking passengers. It turns out that a plane last night was cancelled and they told peeps to come back in the morning, and then they cancelled the 7am flight and were trying to put all those peeps plus my 10am flight peeps on the same flight. so I started thinking how lucky i was that I didn't have to worry about missing a connection and all that. so the flight is uneventful and I slept the whole way...i hope i didn't snore :blush: now i'm at my layover city and have  been bounced around to three different terminals, and only now are they admitting that the flight is delayed (it should be boarding now). The computer screen at the airport still shows the gate I was supposed to be at two gates ago. Thankfully a cool travelforumite showed me a website that will let you follow planes in real time and I knew i was looking at a two hour delay from an hour ago :cool:

The plane we took to get here was nicer than the ones I've been flying lately so thats a plus.
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2009-06-28 2:06 AM
:shocker!: i hope they gave you your money back for that bag fee:mutmad:
Up Topic General / Travel / My first impression of air tran

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