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- - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-10-13 9:42 AM Edited 2017-10-13 9:45 AM
It's been a while since we've done this.

My current rotation is:

Adidas Energy Boost (roughly 120 miles) - These seem like the most direct replacement to the Adistar Boosts that I liked so well. MSRP is something like $160 but I got them for about $70 on Running Warehouse. So far, so good. The forefoot is a bit shallow and snug but other than that I like them.

Adidas Supernova Sequence (roughly 225 miles) - I bought these to supplement my now retired Supernova Glides. MSRP is around $120 but I found them online (at Macy's I think) for under $80. They feel like a more stable version of the Supernova Glides, which is exactly what they are. I like them.

Brooks Cascadia 11 (0 miles) - I had a pair of the 8s a while back and really liked them. I was looking for a pair of winter running shoes and found a pair of the 11s on Dick's website for $59 (marked down from $120). They don't appear to have changed much from the 8s so I think that I will like them.
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2017-10-13 10:39 AM
My current rotation is:

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 - (roughly 50 miles) - Ran in Mizuno's of one sort or another for a long long time.  They are light and suit my flat feet with no annoying arch support.  I ordered them online because there isn't a running place within hours.  I think with tax and shit they were about $170 CDN which is about $135 in US.

Well that is about it for my rotation, but the Dodgers rotation looks like a good one against the Cubs.
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-10-13 10:42 AM
Dodger rotation? I barely know her!
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2017-10-13 12:07 PM
Disaster?  It blew her to pieces
Parent - By triplejake (The Vampire Lestat) [us] Date 2017-10-13 12:15 PM
I have Brooks Ravenna 8s that I mostly wear.
Parent - By runnergirl4 (BJ Queen) Date 2017-10-13 12:16 PM
1. Brooks launch
2. Hoka Clifton
Parent - By insistor (needs a bigger dick) Date 2017-10-13 12:23 PM
Brooks Launch and that's it. Pretty easy rotation when I don't run much anymore. I've been running naked lately too so I have no idea how many miles are on them
Parent - - By george [us] Date 2017-10-13 12:52 PM
Daily Trainer
Saucony Kinvara 5
New Balance FF Zante 2 - new favorite shoe

Trail Shoe
Altra Superior

Road Flats
Adidas Takumi Sen 3
Saucony Type A6
Mizuno Ekiden
Adidas AdiZero PR

XC Spikes
Brooks Mach 17
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-10-13 2:19 PM
I rotated in the Superior for trail runs for a few years, mostly on the less rocky stuff around here in PA. They made me feel fast. I haven't used them since the Lone Peak improved.
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-10-13 2:17 PM
If I was running much, these would be the shoes.

Altra Lone Peak 3.0
Altra Olympus 2.0

I have a pair of the Olympus 2.5 but they are god awful. I am not sure what they did to that model but they do not fit the same and feel tight on my toes (same size as the 2.0) despite the large toe box. Weird. Thankfully I found backup pairs of the previous version. Hope they fix it in the next release.

Altra Torin 2.5  (I have not ran in these since last winter)
Parent - - By IB Date 2017-10-13 9:03 PM
I was just thinking the other day about starting a thread of such nature. These are listed in order that I first started wearing them, other shoes have been worn and retired while some of these have been in rotation.

New Balance 890 (#3) - 631.7
Inov8 Road X 255 - 626.95
Inov8 Road X-Lite 155 - 235.3
New Balance 890 (Blue #1) - 427.4
Salomon XR-Mission - 284.2
Saucony Peregrine 4 - 720.1
Hoka Rapa Nui - 218.2
Hoka Odyssey - 598.4
New Balance 890v5 (Green #1) - 690.15
Inov8 220 - 231.6
Salomon X-Scream 3D - 384.2
Hoka Odyssey (Green #1) - 369.1
North Face Ultra TR II - 68.1
New Balance 890v5 (Blue) - 205.95
New Balance Zante V2 Fresh Foam - 51.3
Saucony Kinvara - 5.4
Parent - By IB Date 2017-10-13 10:08 PM
These numbers are as of the end of September, so some of the shoes have a few more miles.
Parent - - By IB Date 2017-12-01 2:11 PM
New numbers as of the end of November:

New Balance 890 (#3) - 631.7
Inov8 Road X 255 - 626.95
Inov8 Road X-Lite 155 - 238.5
New Balance 890 (Blue #1) - 435.8
Salomon XR-Mission - 284.2
Saucony Peregrine 4 - 720.1
Hoka Rapa Nui - 218.2 (I don't wear these very often & then only for short runs. They rub a spot on top of one of my toes.)
Hoka Odyssey - 610.9
New Balance 890v5 (Green #1) - 720.35
Inov8 220 - 250.5
Salomon X-Scream 3D - 384.2
Hoka Odyssey (Green #1) - 430.6
North Face Ultra TR II - 122.0
New Balance 890v5 (Blue) - 226.2
New Balance Zante V2 Fresh Foam - 77.3
Saucony Kinvara - 26.7

Rather surprised to find that six pair have not been worn in the past two months.
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-12-01 3:06 PM
16 pairs!

So now we know what you're using all that change for.:shocker!:
Parent - By IB Date 2017-12-01 7:27 PM
Other than the fact that over the past two months it has been a rotation of ten, I do consider all sixteen to be active. It might be about time to retire a few that just aren't as appealing anymore. The Hoka Odysseys have lost their cushion, the Inov8 225 just feels clunky. I will certainly get back to running in the Peregrine, the X-Scream & the XR Mission. Seeing them sit for two months means they are going to get some use in December.

Parent - By jwd1113 Date 2017-10-15 4:52 PM
i've joined the Hoka cult

main shoes are the Clifton 3 and Clayton 1, occasional off road run in the Challenger

still do some runs in the LunarGlide 7, NB 870 V3 and V4 & 890 V4
Parent - By mkh (Mr. Fashionista) Date 2017-10-16 11:08 AM
Brooks Ravenna 8: Been wearing the Ravenna for about 6 years or so. The 8 is solid. The 7 sucked. The 6 was pretty solid.

Brooks Astaria Lighter racing shoe for me. Ran Sioux Falls in this.

Saucony Peregrine : Trail shoe that I've worn a hand full of time on trails and for some winter running.
- - By darbycrash Date 2017-10-14 10:10 AM Edited 2017-10-14 10:19 AM
Hoka Clifton 3--favorites for both road and trail. Midsole cushion breaks down fast though. Like these for everything from tempo to long runs to races but mostly use them for workouts due to durability issue. Love them.

Hoka Infinite: mild stability shoe. My current "getting in the miles" shoe. Very durable, highly cushioned but fairly lightweight. Bpught 4 pairs when they were on sale for $45 at Running Warehouse. Current pair has 420 miles and the midsole cushioning feels great. Wear for road and trail. Too bad they have been discontinued.

Hoka Stinson- only wear these for recovery runs.Use to like them but they are too much shoe now. Great for when my feet and body hurt though

Hoka Challenger--decent trail shoe but I prefer the Clifton as its cushioning feels softer to me. Most of the trails I run are hard packed dirt so road shoes do fine. I'll wear these on more technical trails though.

ETA: can't wait until the Clifton 4 goes on sale as they have supposedly addressed the durability issue. I probably won't need new shoes for a year since I have two pairs of Clifton 3's and 3 pairs of Infinites on standby.
Parent - By jennyO Date 2017-10-19 12:13 PM
I just found myself a new pair of Clifton 3s, which I'm happy about.  Clifton models have been hit or miss for me (with the 2s, I had to pretape the insides of my upper ankles or they'd be rubbed raw), but the 3s have been just fine.  The 1s were the absolute best, though, and the lightest!
Parent - By NotSoFast [us] Date 2017-10-26 8:21 AM
I thought it was weird my Clifton 3 seem to wear down quicker than in past. I'll check out the 4's. On sale of course.
- By coleman Date 2017-10-18 5:50 AM
Going with what I used for years in the past, Asics Kayano and latest version of 2100's (not really sure what they are called now)

Kayano's are comfortable
- - By jennyO Date 2017-10-19 12:17 PM
Hoka Clifton 3 (1 pair at work with over 1000 miles on them, which I'll probably swap out with a new pair currently at home)
Nike Pegasus

I'd also like to get a pair of  the newest model of Altra Torins.  Felt really comfy when I tried them on in the store.  (Waiting for them to go on sale.)

Altra Olympus 2 (2 pairs, will keep shuffling them until 1 develops the inevitable upper-separation I always get from my bunion)
Altra Lone Peaks (rarely use these)
Hoka Challenger 1 (awesome shoe but pretty work down and impossible to find anymore)

I also have a pair of Challenger 2s, but the forefoot is too damn narrow for them to be any good.  I've pretty much given up on them.  I've heard the Challenger 3s are a little wider in the forefoot, but they didn't seem much better when I tried them on in the store.
Parent - By darbycrash Date 2017-10-20 5:36 PM
I'm amazed you are still running in a pair of Cliftons with 1000 miles. I've retired my last few pairs at 400 and that felt like a stretch. Cushioning was pretty flat by 300.
- By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-11-28 9:58 AM
I retired the Supernova Sequences over the weekend with 404 miles on them. There's still a lot of casual life left in them.

I just ordered a pair of Supernova STs to replace them. MSRP is $130 but they were marked down on Adidas's site and an additional Cyber Monday sale brought them down to $72. These will likely be what I wear for my marathon in February.
- By noel (Kilotons of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk) Date 2017-12-02 6:46 AM
I have new pairs of both

Road: Saucony Triumph <---this is my 2nd pair of these. My last ones lasted a whole year, they have been awesome

Trail: Altra Olympus 2 <---this is my 2nd pair of these, my last pair I got in May, so I guess they lasted about 6mos. I probably should have replaced them even sooner, they don't last a long long time but they feel GREAT plus I got them for $75 :cool:
- By neustkg (Important) Date 2017-12-04 9:01 AM
Stopped running in the Nike Vomeros.  Now running in the Brooks Glycerins 14s.  Not a bad shoe for me.  I bit tighter than I’d like, a little tighter than the Asics Nimbus (which is still my favorite shoe).
- By jennyO Date 2017-12-08 12:48 PM
I'm not running - WAAHHHH! :cry:

When I was, I had a nice rotation of:  Clifton 3s (old + new pairs), a pair of wide(!) Clifton 4s (which I'm saving for Umstead 100), and Nike Pegasus (speedwork) for roads.  I'm devoted to Altra Olympus for trails but am eager to try the new Hoka Stinson 4s, which I understand are much wider in the toebox than previous models.
- By rob26.2 Date 2017-12-08 1:13 PM
About 4 months ago and for the first time in my long running career, I began rotating shoes.

Currently have Brooks Ghost with about 260 miles and a new pair of Mizuno Sayonara. Just retired my Mizuno Wave Riders with 650 miles.
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